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We have a few openings on air rifle for youth ages 13-ADULTS

Air pistol is open to youth and adults. 

Call for details.

Rifle Club  Pistol Club - Kankakee IL  RIVER VALLEY SHARPSHOOTERS


River Valley SharpShooters Rifle and Pistol Club is focused on competitive shooting with Air Rifle, Air Pistol and Smallbore Rifle (.22).   This is all about competitive marksmanship!  We have fun while we learn and then put ourselves to the test and compete.

The program is open to adults and juniors (ages 13-and older).  Equipment is provided   for juniors and beginning adults.

Raymond and Tina Odle are Level 3 Olympic coaches in Rifle and Pistol and have coached the club since 1996.

Fun, Learning, Competition, Responsibility, Safety, Marksmanship

  • Sporter Air Rifle  - 3P and International for beginners
  • Precision Air Rifle  - 3P and International foradvanced competitors
  • Progressive Position Air Pistol - age appropriate air pistolfor beginners
  • Air Pistol - International for adults and advanced juniors
  • Small bore Rifle - 3Position / Prone  - Advanced Juniors and Adults

River Valley SharpShooters will meet once a week on Monday evening from 6:30 - 8:30pm at the OCC Firearm Training Center, Kankakee IL

Equipment and rifle or pistol is provided for JUNIOR and Beginning Adult members

Sporter and Precision air rifle learn to shoot from 3 positions: prone, standing,kneeling

Smallbore Rifle is learned in 3 position but there are prone only matches as well.

Air Pistol is learned in stages for juniors in a program called Progressive Position Pistol where the beginner is supported and advances to unsupported as they get older and have had the opportunity to develop skill.  Adults can shoot International Air Pistol, Free Pistol or Center Fire Pistol.

Learn to CompeteThe Shooting Sports are an OLYMPIC sport Competition is a great way to enjoy what you have learned and push yourself to be the best you can be.

River Valley SharpShooters participate in competitions with those members who have advanced to that level in their discipline. 

Questions: please call 815-450-7162

2017-2018 Season

Club night - Monday 6:30-9pm

Open Range - Thursday 6:30-8:30


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