RAYMOND AND TINA ODLE    (815)450-7162

4454 S US Highway 45-52, Kankakee IL  60901

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JROTC Rifle Training and Competition

Note: Those who transport a firearm must have FOID card that is current. You are expected to comply with all Federal, State and Local laws. Anyone who fails to have safe gun handling or will not obey range commands will forfeit all  use of the range without refund. Please refer to the Legal Page for full information.


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River Valley SharpShooters

Rifle and Pistol

21 Firing Points for Air Gun

14 firing points for pistol

Family Oriented Range

We welcome families and specialize in teaching women and children to shoot.

We will work with you to learn to handle guns safely and execute the accurate shot.

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RVS Range Rules

  • A Range officer must be on duty when the range is in use.
  • All persons on the range must follow the NRA Safety rules.  All persons on the range must obey the Range Officer.
  • A safety briefing and signed waiver are required the first time you come.
  • You will be required to  demonstrate safe gun handling at all times. 
  • Membership reduces your at the door fee. Your membership card will be emailed to you.
  • Bring your own targets.  Paper only.
  • Caliber Limitations:  .45 ACP or less.  No pocket pistols or snub-nosed revolvers.  2 inch barrel with sights is required.
  • The Backstop area is limited to the red area at the top and above the wood at the bottom.  All shots are to be fired at the backstop.  Do not fire above or below the backstop.  The side walls are not intended to stop rounds. 
  • All shooting must be done from a common firing line.
  • No steel bullets are allowed.  No rifle caliber ammunition allowed except .22LR
  • Your membership/use of the range may be revoked for safety violations or inappropriate behavior on the range with no refund of fees paid.  This is a determination to be made by the Range Officer on duty and the owners of the RVS Range.
  • All Children who are minors [age 18 or under ] must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and must have safety briefing and demonstrate safe gun handling skills in order to be allowed to use the range.
  • Eye protection and double ear protection [inserts and muffs] are recommended.



  • Call to schedule time on the range
  • cost $20 Per person
  • No time limit unless the range is scheduled for other use.


Call for pricing for you, your family or you and your friends to have the range for 2 or 3 hours of fun.

We welcome beginners and kids who want to learn.  We will instruct those who want help on the range. [extra charge]

RVS Indoor Range - Kankakee IL


To schedule your time on the range, just call !

Tina at 815-450-7162  

A Range Officer must be present on the range at all times. 


in Kankakee IL

Open to the Public --  Call to schedule time 
Call for a time to use the range

Shoot on our indoor range and practice your shooting skills in a comfortable environment - warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  A Range Officer will be on duty.

  • Fun and friendly environment. 
  • Emphasis on safety
  • Family oriented - yes, bring the kids
  • Rent the Range for a group
  • Individual coaching is available
  • Ask about holster work
  • Ask about multiple target acquisition
  • Ask about advanced combat skills

This is a great place for the shooting sports of Air Rifle or Air Pistol, Rimfire or Centerfire Pistol, Smallbore Rifle and Archery