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Gift Certificates available for

  • Any Training Class - Basic Pistol or IL Concealed Carry
  • Individual coaching on the firing line
  • Range shooting sessions [no coaching]

Must be redeemed within one year.


The first CCL licenses obtained with soon expire.  As it takes the state 4 months to get your license to you, renewals need to be done early.  Because of the rush that will be early, we are beginning to offer the training NOW.

What does the state require to renew?

  • 3 hour refresher course
  • Re-fire the qualification target
  • Reapply and pay application fee


If you fingerprinted for your license, you can enter the transaction number you were given and do NOT need to be printed again. 

If you did not fingerprint originally, you do NOT have to be fingerprinted. 


See our IL CCL for more information

Junior Shooting Program

river valley sharpshooters

Air Rifle and Air Pistol Team

Open to 13 and older

Equipment provided

Call for more information

Working on shooting skills

Basic pistol shooting skills


Many women feel more comfortable with a woman instructor.  We have one of the best and she is available to help you get comfortable with a pistol.

Schedule for one-to-one private training sessions today!

Additional Range Training

What is your skill level?  Do you need more training?

  • Schedule with us for additional skill development that is important

This includes"

  • Drawing from concealment
  • Rapid Sight Acquisition
  • Double Taps
  • Limits of your Sight Radius

Whether basic fundamentals of shot execution or drills to improve in specific areasPRACTICE IS IMPORTANT to maintain ability or develop a new skills                                                     Schedule time with a coach today

Call for an appointment now!


IL CCL training is NOT uniform from location to location, instructor to instructor.  We make every effort to give you the highest quality training based on years of experience as competitive marksmen, shooting instructors and competitive rifle and pistol coaches. Remember: Your life may depend on your training. 

                   Train with the Best - Be the Best

Choose the dates of training that fit your schedule and pay on-line. 

It's that easy ! 

Illinois Concealed Carry

Licensed Instructors in Kankakee IL

RVS Indoor Range

in Kankakee IL

IL Concealed Carry

License Training  in Kankakee IL

IL Concealed Carry License Training  Kankakee IL     Pistol    Range    IL CCW Kankakee IL  IL CCL Kankakee IL   shooting training  coach

Our team of    NRA Certified Instructors,   NRA Chief  Range Safety Officers,     IL CCL Licensed Instructors   and   Level 3 Olympic Coacheshave many years of experience and are ready to help you learn.

  • OCC has one of the few women instructors for IL Concealed Carry .  
  • We have an indoor range on the property - No extra charges - No extra travel

We are fully trained and credentialed with the

  • IL State Police
  • the NRA
  • the Civilian Marksmanship Program
  • USAShooting -the governing body for our Olympic Rifle Team

As active competitors and coaches, we have a wealth of information to offer.

The RVS Indoor Range in Kankakee IL is now open to the public

Range time is by appointment

  • We emphasize learning, training and accurate shooting
  • Learn to shoot - Great for those who have not shot before
  • We have individual coaching on the firing line available to all of  our customers
  • We have a female instructor
  • Ask about holster work
  • Heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.
  • Practice your skills, improve your skills, gain confidence
  • Range Officer always on duty
  • Always fun

Call to schedule your range time today

See a full explanation of requirements for getting your IL Concealed Carry License in Kankakee with the OCC Firearm Training Center

16 hours of training  - $125

8 hours of training   -  $100

How much training do you need?  Click on the Iink above for IL CCL CLASSES

Register and Pay on the Dates/Register page.

Classroom and Range

TRAIN WITH US AND SHOOT ON THE RVS INDOOR RANGE   for both L-1 and L-2 classes.  Air conditioned in the summer, out of wind and rain. Heated in the winter. Stay on-site for your shooting qualification. No extra charge for range time and shoot both days. No extra travel to the range.